Street Talk

Defensive Driving Course

Get 6 months off your restricted licence by completing a Street Talk course with Brighteye Driving School.  

See dates below to book 2021 classes

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About Street Talk

Street Talk defensive driving course has been specially designed by NZ Transport Agency to meet the needs of young Drivers in NZ.  The course teaches defensive driving skills that will help both Learner and Restricted drivers pass the new Driving Tests. 

What is it?

Any licence holders can do this course which includes 4 interactive sessions of 2 hours in classroom, plus up to a on-road practical session.



A deposit of $50 to be paid when booking to secure your place in the course, and the remainder on the night.

Put your name and DDC as reference 


ANZ Brighteye Driving School 

06 0958 0185314 00

There is a maximum of 20 in this course


Become a safer and more skillful driver.  This advanced course will provide you with the tools necessary to avoid and overcome driving situations that could otherwise be difficult or even disastrous under normal conditions.

Restricted Licence holders can use the certificate from this course to receive a time reduction on their


Restricted Licence:

25 Years & Under

= 18 months down to 12 months.

25 Years & Over

= 6 months down to 3 months.

Course Dates:

Classes for 2021       



Starts at 6.30pm

Upstairs Bridges Church Duke Street Cambridge

  All sessions need to be attended 

Classes for 2021

April:             Monday 12th,   Wednesday 14th,   Monday 19th,  Wednesday 21th

June:             Monday 7th,   Wednesday 9th,   Monday 14th,  Wednesday 16th

August:         Monday 2nd,  Wednesday 4th,   Monday 9th,     Wednesday 11th

October:       Monday 4th,    Wednesday 6th,   Monday 13th,   Wednesday 15th

December:   Monday 6th,    Wednesday 8th,   Monday 13th,   Wednesday 15th

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