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Street Talk

Defensive Driving Course

Get 6 months off your restricted licence by completing a street talk course with Brighteye Driving School.

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About Street Talk

Street Talk defensive driving course has been specially designed by NZ Transport Agency to meet the needs of young Drivers in NZ. The course teaches defensive driving skills that will help both Learner and Restricted drivers pass the new Driving Tests. 

What is it?

Any licence holders can do this course which includes 4 interactive sessions of 2 hours in the classroom, plus up to an on-road practical session.

Cost $240

ANZ Brighteye Driving School 

06 0958 0185314 00

There is a maximum of 20 in this course

Restricted Licence holders can use the certificate from this course to receive a time reduction on their restricted License:

Under 25 years = 18 months down to 12 months

25 Years & older = 6 months down to 3 months

Season 1 - The total driving picture

Season 2 - Risk and reality

Season 3 - Managing change

Session 4 - Hazard training guide

Followed by an in-car assessment to prepare you for your full licence test.


Cambridge Defensive Driving Course is held at 6pm in the Cambridge High School above the gym.


Drive down the long drive alongside the park and the gym is at the end of driveway. 

Te Awamutu

Te Awamutu Defensive Driving Course is held at Impact Education

89 Market Street Te Awamutu

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