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How Many Driving Lessons Will I Need?

In my experience a single driving lesson before a test is unlikely to be able to provide the skills necessary to pass your test, 2 - 5 lessons will give you a better skills base to pass that all important test.


I can pick you up from home, school or work for your driving lessons.

Remember it's much easier and less stressful to have driving lessons in a relaxed atmosphere with a patient female driving instructor, than from family and friends.


Also, there's the possible bad habits you could pick up.

The testing officers are telling us that learner drivers are failing their test too often. not because they are bad drivers but because they're failing the test requirements. These requirements are there to give you good safe driving habits., they are included in the test so that you can prove you know the give-way rules, how to keep a safety bubble around yourself, that you notice speed signs and follow them, that you are an observant driver and care enough for other road users to look around you and keep others safe.  

You need to prove you can drive in this way to pass your test, let us show you what you need to do, just don't keep failing your test, do it right the 1st time.

Driving Lessons

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