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Please read our Terms & Conditions regarding Payment, Cancellations & out of area bookings before you book your appointment, so you don't incur any cancellation and non-payment fees. 


If under 18 years old by booking you confirm that your parents have agreed to this booking



Payment must be made when you receive your text reminder 24 hours before your lesson. If not paid on the day an account will be sent including a $10 accounting fee.

 unless prior arrangements have been made.

Unpaid Lessons:

Any unpaid lesson will receive an invoice with a $10 booking fee, if not paid in 14 days it be forwarded to a collection agency and all costs for recovery will be charged.



You may cancel or reschedule your booking 48 hours before your booking.

If you cancel less than 48 hours before your lesson, you will be charged, unless you have a doctor's certificate.

If cancelling within 48 hours DONT email, contact Sheryl on 0223005508

Town Boundaries:

Bookings must be within 5km within the town boundaries unless arrangements have been made beforehand.


Special Deals:

3 lesson deals and vouchers cannot be cashed in but can be transferred, vouchers and special deals must be used within 12 months of purchase.

There are a set number of bookings available each week, some lessons are cancelled on the day for lots of reasons.

"I’m suddenly sick."

"My rugby coach changed my practice time,

"My part-time work needs me now,

"I forgot I had other plans,

"We decided to go away,

"I failed my learners yesterday."

"Test time came up today, so I don't need my lesson tomorrow." 

It got to the stage that up to four out of six lessons each day were getting cancelled. And therefore, loss of income for us.


You made a commitment, put it in your diary, we will honor our commitment to you so please give us the same consideration. If you contact us, we will try to accommodate but sometimes we can't.

These are our terms and conditions - if you:

Cancel less than 48 hours of your lesson, you will be charged unless you have a doctor's certificate.

We love this work and most of our students appreciate learning to drive, because we want to stay in business, we have a strict cancelation policy.

Health and Safety:

Brighteye Driving reserves the right to cancel lessons without refunds if the instructor's safety is threatened in any way

Accidents... We have insurance to cover accidents, we are very experienced to control the vehicle with dual controls so it is rare for an accident to happen, but you may need to pay the excess if you were the cause of the accident. 


Thanks for submitting!

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