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Is It Time To Sit Your Restricted License Test?

The restricted test is done in 2 stages


Stage One is the first 10 minutes. This stage will indicate if you can do the more challenging driving tasks of stage two.

You are allowed two critical errors, but only one in stage one. One immediate fail at any time will also result in a failed test.

How many lessons will I need before my restricted test?

There is no exact amount of lessons that you need to do in preparation for your test. It all depends on you feeling ready and comfortable to sit your test, there is no pressure to do it before your ready. But when you start feeling prepared we will start to concentrate on what you need to practice in order to pass the restricted test. We will talk about how the test is conducted, where it starts and finishes and drive around a similar area as the test your doing covers.

We will give you all the advice and tips you need to pass your restricted test including what actions can terminate your test.

The lesson includes the cost of insurance in the hourly fee. However, there is a $750 excess to be paid by the driver, in the event of an accident. We hold personal liability insurance for up to one million dollars. Brighteye Driving School accepts no liability in the event of damage to your person, vehicle, property or third party.

Using Your Car
Lessons in your own manual or automatic car are fine. In fact, it's good to have lessons in the car you will be driving and probably doing the test in. Your vehicle must register, warranted etc. Insurance while you or your child is learning is your own responsibility. Please check with your own insurer to ensure you have the correct cover.

You can pay directly through the website, if you choose not to please make sure payment is in our account the day before the lesson. If paying by cash, please pay on the day at the start of your lesson. Lessons not paid before the lesson proceeds will be charged an accounting fee. All unpaid lessons after one month will be forwarded to Bay Collection and you will become responsible for all recovery costs.

Please give at least 48 hours' notice of cancellation to avoid paying for missing the lesson.

Running Late?
Please text your instructor urgently to advise if you are running late. Your lesson may be shortened as lesson times are tightly scheduled.

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