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driving instructor: SheryL

Welcome to Brighteye Driving School. My name is Sheryl Moffat,

I have been a professional driver for over 30 years.


I spent 22 years as a Taxi driver and 10 years as a Taxi Company Manager.

I drove 10 and 12-hour shifts night and day, through rain, floods, and foggy nights. This taught me how to be an alert and safe driver.

I spent a great part of this time transporting special needs children in a total mobility vehicle to and from school, to riding for the disabled, and transporting senior citizens and wheelchair patients to hospital and doctor’s appointments.

I started my driving school in 2013 and during this time I have enjoyed teaching new immigrants and training volunteers to help support new immigrants to become safe drivers.​

I hold defensive driving courses monthly in Cambridge and Te Awamutu this helps restricted license holders gain the experience they need to become safer drivers and it allows them to get 6 months off their license time.

Contact Sheryl  022 300 5508

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